Palsgaard Chairman, Knud Brix retires after 62 years – sort of…

    Thursday, July 1, 2010, Mette Dal Steffensen

    Palsgaard Chairman, Knud Brix retires after more than 60 years at Palsgaard.

    On paper, Knud Brix, 88 years, is today former chairman of the Schou Foundation, which among other things owns Danish emulsifier manufacturer Palsgaard A/S, but in practice you can still meet him daily at Palsgaard, working as usual, now just without any formal responsibilities.


    Since 1933 Palsgaard has been awarding a silver medal to employees who have been employed for 25 years. Over the years 240 25 years medals have been awarded. Within the past decade Palsgaard has celebrated 15 40th jubilees and four 50th jubilees, not to mention the 60th jubilee of Knud Brix.


    Knud Brix began working for Palsgaard in 1948 as secretary to owner Herbert Schou - son of Palsgaard founder and inventor of the world's first synthetic emulsifier, Einar V. Schou. By 1966 Knud Brix had become both chairman of the Schou Foundation and managing director. In 1992 he retired as managing director and left the reigns to his son Birger Brix, who took over as managing director. However, Brix senior still attends the weekly management meetings.


    This April, Knud Brix retired as Chairman of the Schou Foundation, new Chairman is long term board member Rasmus Christiansen. Looking back, Knud Brix is content with his own efforts and how far Palsgaard has come since he began in 1948.


    When Knud Brix began working at Palsgaard as secretary to the management, the company was already beginning to penetrate the international market thanks to the revolutionary emulsifier which could combine oil and water.


    Together with Herbert Schou, Knud Brix worked on placing Palsgaard on the international map. World wide business meetings were a large part of his job as well as establishing new relationships with suitable co-operators, thus contributing to making the company a major player on the market of emulsifiers, stabilizers and other specialised ingredients for the food industry.


    Palsgaard is today one of the leading companies in producing emulsifiers, stabilizers and other ingredients for the food industry. With over 60 patents under its belt, Palsgaard is offering its customers tailor-made solutions and is always working on developing new products to fit the current and future market demands.


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