Astronomic telescope returns to Palsgaard after 141 years

    Wednesday, August 26, 2009, Mette Dal Steffensen

    When Palsgaard A/S founder, Einar Viggo Schou purchased Palsgaard Estate and Manor in 1908 and subsequently established a company that was to become a market leader within emulsifiers, he not only bought an estate with well over 1300 hectares of land but also a manor house with more than 600 years of history under its walls. The beautiful and well-preserved buildings almost rumbled with swords and shields - from local feuds, domestic political showdowns, and historic events. In the royal wing of the estate, Norway's secession from Sweden in 1902 was confirmed - to mention but one of the more important events.

    For more than 200 years, the Palsgaard Estate was owned by one of the most influential families in Denmark, the noble family Reedtz. One of the members being Peder Reedtz, who, in his position as chancellor to no less than three Danish kings, practically ruled Denmark from Palsgaard from 1665 - 1674.

    This summer a little piece of history returned to Palsgaard.

    Chairman of the Board, Birger Brix explains: "In June we received a letter from descendants of the Reedts family offering, as a gift, to return the astronomic telescope once located at the Observatory in Palsgaard Manor Park. The telescope had been passed from father to son within the Reedtz family ever since. However, as none of the members of the next generation were keen on inheriting the telescope, they came up with the idea of returning it to Palsgaard. Naturally, we were most pleased with this unexpected gift, which was handed over during a minor ceremony at Palsgaard Manor."

    Birger Brix also explains that the telescope is still in good condition and still in its original wooden casket. The Reedtz family had wished for the telescope to be placed at its original location in the Observatory in Palsgaard Manor Park. Considering the risk of theft of the treasure, however, it was decided to place the telescope at a more secure location in the banqueting hall at the Manor.

    "We greatly appreciate this great gesture from the Reedtz family in returning the telescope", says Birger Brix.

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