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    Palsgaard® SA 6630 - The “fast” reacting industrial cake emulsifier

    Palsgaard® SA 6630 - the fast reacting industrial cake emulsifier - article - forside

    Palsgaard® SA 6630 - The "fast" reacting cake emulsifier

    In many industrial cake productions time is money. Palsgaard® SA 6630 has been developed to accommodate the demand for fast and efficient premixing, fast aeration, convenience in production and stability during the production process - all key factors for the perfect fast acting cake emulsifier for industrial cake production. Palsgaard® SA 6630 gives the industrial bakers the functional properties such as uniformity and stability that is demanded in an automated industrial production.

    In this article we present 7 major benefits, and 5 additional advantages of using Palsgaard® SA 6630 in industrial cake production.

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