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    Palsgaard® OilBinder 01

    Product profile - confectionery

    Palsgaard® OilBinder 01

    Palsgaard® OilBinder 01 is a stabiliser for chocolate spreads, tahina/halva and peanutbutter. Palsgaard® OilBinder 01 is an all-vegetable, trans-free and non-GMO mixture of fully hydrogenated triglycerides with special oil-binding properties.

    Application Areas:

    For smooth and creamy products. Palsgaard® OilBinder 01 is specially developed for semi-liquid products which contain solid particles and a high amount of liquid oil, such as chocolate/hazelnut spreads, tahina/halva and  peanut butter.

    Functional Properties:

    When producing very soft and oil-containing products, a typical problem is oil separation during storage - a problem which is accelerated at elevated temperatures. As the products also contain solid particles a sedimentation takes place and the result is a product with a layer of oil on the surface and a dry layer of sedimented particles at the bottom. This is a problem which is difficult to solve without changing the viscosity and the eating quality of the finished product

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