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    Palsgaard® DMG 5630

    Product profile - bakeryPalsgaard® DMG 5630

    Palsgaard® DMG 5630 is an all-vegetable, non-trans and non-GMO distilled
    The functional properties are designed to meet the uniformity- and stability
    demand from automated industrial production.

    Application Areas:

    Palsgaard® DMG 5630 is a special emulsifier for use in industrial production of dispersions to be used shortly after production. Palsgaard® DMG 5630 is an excellent choice as an active emulsifier in all types of aerated or non-aerated industrial cake batters.
    Due to its functionality, dispersions based on Palsgaard® DMG 5630 will preserve the softness and delay the staling process in bread and starchcontaining products.

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