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    Palsgaard® CreamWhip - Excellence in formulating UHT whipping cream and related products

    Palsgaard® CreamWhip - The perfect balance
    Stability vs. whipping properties is the big compromise for manufacturers of UHT whipping cream. If the emulsion of the whipping cream is too stable this will affect the whipping properties negatively and if focus is only to have the best possible whipping properties, stability of the cream will be lost. Palsgaard®CreamWhip offers a range of well tested products creating the perfect balance. Years of dedicated hard work and development in the production of emulsifier / stabilizer solutions for UHT whipping cream has led to Palsgaard becoming one of the preferred suppliers for this application area.Our Palsgaard® CreamWhip product range is highly recognized and sought after in many parts of the world. Whether manufacturers are searching for solutions for the production of UHT whipping creams based on vegetable or dairy fat, with a soft or a more firm foam or if theinquiry is to make a UHT whipping cream totally without proteins Palsgaard® CreamWhip is the solution.

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