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    Palsgaard® SA 6630 - The "fast" reacting cake emulsifier

    Palsgaard® SA 6630 - The "fast" reacting cake emulsifierPalsgaard® SA 6630 - The fast reacting industrial cake emulsifier - forside

    Palsgaard® SA 6630, an activated cake emulsifier specifically developed for industrial baking, has been created to accommodate the demand for fast and efficient premixing, fast aeration, convenience in production and stability during the production process - all key factors for the perfect fast acting cake emulsifier for industrial cake production.

    Palsgaard® SA 6630 is targeted at non-aerated and aerated cake batters such as pound cakes, muffins, cup cakes, Swiss rolls, and all types of sponge cakes.

    Palsgaard® SA 6630 is in powder form  consisting of one emulsifier and one natural activating medium (wheat flour).

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