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    Palsgaard® SA 6615 - the powdered, palm-free emulsifier for cake production

    Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the ingredients that go into their food and how they are produced, placing new demands on food producers and the ingredient manufacturers that serve them.

    Recently, consumer attention has turned to palm oil and its adverse effects on the environment, demanding that it be removed from products – despite the fact that palm oil is far more sustainable in yield and functionality when produced in accordance with RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil) principles.

    Removing palm oil from the recipes of industrially produced cakes is easily managed. Finding an efficient, palm-free emulsifier that will allow you to continue producing delicious and moist cakes is, however, not – or hasn't been until the launch of Palsgaard® SA 6615, the world's first palm-free emulsifier in powder form for industrial cakes that's produced in a CO2-neutral factory.

    Palsgaard SA 6615 Preview

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