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    Emulpals® 116 - The efficient choice for cake mixes

    Forside - 113x 160

    Emulpals® 116 - The efficient choice for cake mixes Emulpals® 116 is the ideal cake emulsifier for bakers and food service mixes and is the efficient choice for this segment. The final mix can be prepared fast by using the all-in method and it provides the mix with the required tolerance

     to abuse and variation in ingredients, processing and make up methods. The result is a cake that has the required
    quality and will meet the expectations of the market.

    Emulpals® 116 is easy to work with as it contains only emulsifiers and one single activating medium. This gives the product developer a big advantage as Emulpals® 116 has no unwanted side effects such as colouring. The colour of the cake can, if needed, be adjusted separately by using ingredients such as dextrose or milk powder. In this way the product development will be faster and more effective.

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