Heart working people - it's easy to make such a statement. Only very few companies can state it with such confidence. Palsgaard is one of them. As an integral organization of the Schou Foundation which is nearly 60 years old, Palsgaard is backed by a strong tradition and philosophy of commitment that comes direct from the heart of each and everyone of its employees.

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    Palsgaard is a Danish international company with activities all around the globe. We are regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of food emulsifiers and stabilizers. We offer a wide range of application and formulation technology to our customers. Palsgaard's comprehensive range of products covers single emulsifiers and integrated blends for applications in the dairy , ice creamchocolate and confectionerybakerymargarine, and fine food industries. In addition, we also produce a range of "green" anti-fogging and anti-static agents for use in the polymer industry. As part of Palsgaard's expansion plan, we have recently built a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Nusa Jaya, Johor in Malaysia.


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