Palsgaard mixes innovation and sustainability at GulFood Manufacturing

    With 100 years of experience in developing and producing emulsifiers and stabilizer solutions, Palsgaard offers unparalleled expertise in making immiscible ingredients come together - and we'll gladly share our expertise with you.

    Meet the experts in emulsifiers and stabilizers 

    Palsgaard invented and patented the commercial emulsifier a century ago - and we haven't stopped inventing since as we continuously develop new emulsifiers or emulsifier/stabilizer blends, each custom designed for application within bakeryconfectionerydairyice creammargarine and mayonnaise and dressings.

    In addition to supplying the actual emulsifier/stabilizer solution Palsgaard also offers expert application service as our experienced food technologists help customers test and develop new products or improve existing formulations using our application centers around the world.

    What's new?

    At the show we'll present a number of exiticing new emulsifier and emulsifier/stabilizer solutions for a broad variety of products, including:

    • Reduced sugar sweetened condensed creamers
    • UHT coconut milk
    • UHT vegetable protein beverages
    • Cake gels
    • Creaming margarines
    • All-purpose margarines
    • Long shelf-life cakes
    • Chocolate spreads

    Our application specialists have been hard at work developing these solutions and will be happy to share their newly developed recipe suggestions and samples of their work.

    Sustainably sourced and sustainably produced

    Palsgaard is dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment. Our production plants in Denmark, Mexico and the Netherlands are already carbon-neutral, and other plants in Brazil and Malaysia are slated to achieve a zero-carbon footprint by the end of 2020.

    Our commitment to sustainability is also evidenced by our ability to offer of a full product range made from 100% RSPO-certified segregated (SG) sustainable palm oil and, more recently, by the launch of a series of non-palm emulsifiers suited to manufacturers looking to entirely remove palm oil from their recipes.

    Responsible Sourcing and Food Safety

    As a food ingredient manufacturer, food safety is paramount in the way we manage operations in and across our production sites. Our stringent raw materials control programme coupled with a robust supplier management process underpins our clean track record of no food safety incidents and product recalls. Palsgaard’s production facilities are maintained according to world-class standards and our employees have a solid culture of awareness and understanding of food safety and critical control points.

    Our suppliers undergo a thorough approval process through our Responsible Sourcing Programme. The process also encompasses a food fraud vulnerability assessment and regular performance reviews. Tight quality control procedures require that suppliers provide product specifications, analysis certificates and reference samples with all deliveries.

    The raw material approval process ensures that materials are fit for purpose and requires approval from our regulatory team, product managers and the quality team. We strive to source high-quality raw materials and avoid GMO raw materials, placing us in the position to manufacture some of the highest quality products. 

    Meet us here

    6 - 8 November

    Dubai World Trade Center

    Booth: S2-E5

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