Meet our experts in stabilizer compounds for mayonnaises and dressings

    We invite you to visit out booth # S1-D91 for a talk on how we can help you in your product development.

    Emulsifiers and stabilizers only make up a small part of the final product, but they have a significant impact on quality. Determining the right combination is, therefore, extremely important in order to obtain desired characteristics. And our technical teams like nothing more than helping you to find that exact combination allowing you to produce mayonnaises, dressings and sauces with the desired parameters within:


    • mouth-feel
    • stability
    • viscosity
    • shelf-life
    • fat content
    • water absorption
    • adherence
    • pourability
    • transparency
    • creaminess
    • heat/thaw stability

    Whether you want to develop a new fat-free dressing, create a creamy low-fat mayonnaise or optimize a recipe for your heat-stable sauce, we will work with you to find the best solution. Whatever you need, Palsgaard can help you develop your product and scale it up in our well equipped application center. 

    We'll help you beat the egg costs in mayonnaise

    Egg yolk is a key ingredient in mayonnaise as the lecithin in th egg yolk serve as an emulsifier and prevents the oil and vinagre in the mayonnaise from separating. It is, however, also a very costly ingredient and one subject to food safety issues, as recent events in Europe have shown.

    Palsgaard, however, has the answer. Our product developers have carefully examined the use of emulsfying starches and have developed two stabilizer systems, one for low-fat and one for high-fat mayonnaises, which will allow you to reduce egg yolk content considerably - or to take it out completely, depending on consumer demand and legislation - and without affecting the mouth-feel and creaminess of the mayonnaise. 

    Stop by our booth # S1-D91 at GulFood Manufacturing or find out more in this technical article.

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