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    We invite you to visit out booth # S1-D91 in Sheik Saeed Hall 1 for a talk on how we can help your ice creams beat the heat shock effect.

    Ensuring Heat Shock Stability for better ice cream

    The journey from factory to family can be a tough one for any ice cream, full of obstacles to maintaining product quality. Here, ice cream’s No. 1 challenge is the Heat Shock Effect – caused by repeated temperature fluctuations as product is moved from one warehouse to another, in and out of trucks and vans, into supermarket display cabinets, around the store in a shopping cart, in the family car and, finally from the home freezer to the table and back.

    • Ice crystals melt and refreeze.
    • Crystals grow, leaving a coarse, less creamy and more icy structure.
    • The foam structure weakens and shrinks
    • Lactose crystals develop, leaving a sandy mouth-feel.

    Ensuring Heat Shock Stability provides a better consumer experience, better brand perception and increased re-purchasing. And a better bottom line result, too.

    Here’s how we can help

    As the inventor of the modern food emulsifier, we have unmatched ice cream ingredient and production process know-how, as well as state-of-the-art ice cream pilot plants

    • Heat shock testing equipment and processes…
    • A professional sensory panel
    • Global knowledge-sharing
    • A wide range of generic recipes, too.

    In short, everything you’ll need to turn heat-shocked ice creams into top performers.

    Hear more at GulFood Manufacturing 2017

    Visit us at booth S1-D91 and hear how we can help you to beat the Heat Shock Effect by combining know-how and experience, the right sustainably produced emulsifier/stabilizer system and production process, optimised packaging, and improved control of storage and distribution temperatures. We’ll talk you through our complete Heat Shock Stability toolbox, which lets you work with every part of the puzzle.

    New integrated emulsifier/stabilizer solution for low fat ice cream presented at GulFood Manufacturing

    For years, ice cream manufacturers and developers have struggled to optimize the three main characteristics that determine an ice cream’s overall quality:
    creaminess/sensory features, ability to withstand heat shock, and melting resistance.

    Palsgaard® IceTriple 104 is our fully integrated system of emulsifiers and stabilizers that contains no guar gum. Palsgaard® IceTriple 104 is developed for use in all types of ice cream but is particularly suited for reduced fat ice cream.

    Palsgaard® IceTriple 104 provides the following advantages:

    • Facilitates the incorporation of air into the mix, giving a high and stable overrun.
    • Promotes the formation of small ice crystals, giving a creamy and smooth texture.
    • Provides a very creamy mouth-feel and full-bodied texture to the ice cream.
    • Provides dryness on extrusion and excellent stand-up and meltdown properties.
    • Offers excellent protection of the ice cream against heat shock damages when exposed to fluctuating temperatures during distribution and storage.

    Want to make your ice cream palm-free?

    If you're looking to produce palm-free ice cream, you'll be pleased to hear that that will now be possible as Palsgaard is presenting a wide range of palm-free emulsifier/stabilizer systems at GulFood Manufacturing. 

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    The heat shocking tale of Fredo

    Learn the shocking tale of an ice cream not properly protected against heat shock

    The not so heat shocking tale of Fredo

    See what difference it does to the life of an ice cream if it is properly ensured against heat shock.

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