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    Emulsifiers, stabilizers and know-how in dairy put to work

    Palsgaard offers a wide and unique range of emulsifier and stabilizer blends and the expert application know-how to help you achieve your goals, no matter if you want to develop a non-sedimenting chocolate milk, improve the firmness of your set yogurt or ensure the protein stability of your UHT whipping cream - or solve other challenges related to the viscosity, mouth-feel, viscosity and emulsion stability in other types of dairy products, for that matter.

    Benefit from our application service

    In addition to sustainably producing the actual emulsifier/stabilizer solutions, we also offer expert application service as we help dairy manufactures around the world develop and test new products or improve existing recipes in our dairy application centers on three continents. 

    Premium emulsifier/stabilizer solutions for flavoured milk and milk drinks

    Manufacturers of flavoured milk drinks and UHT recombined milk drinks will be in for a treat as our dairy specialists will present two series of emulsifier/stabilizer system custom designed to counter challenges such as fat separation and sedimentation in this type of dairy products while maintaining the desired mouth-feel throughout the shelf-life of the product: Through our Palsgaard® RecMilk series we offer a range of well-tested and well-documented emulsifier and stabilizer solutions for use in in UHT milk and milk drinks. The range includes products that are custom designed for recombined products as well as high calcium milk, sweetened condensed milk and creamers.

    Manufacturers of chocolate milk will be interested to learn of the Palsgaard® ChoMilk series – a series of premium quality blends of emulsifiers and stabilizers developed to match the high quality standards that manufactures of chocolate milk require. The series include products that offer attractive cost-in-use calculations and highly versatile products, suited also for chocolate milk drinks with low protein content as well as coffee milk drinks.

    One member of the series, Palsgaard® ChoMilk 173 is particularly well suited for the Mena region as it tolerant of even very high temperatures, allowing it to be stored at temperatures above 30°C, just as it will prevent the chocolate milk from separating even at temperatures above 40°C. This opens up for energy savings as no cooling will be needed.

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