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    Improve alpha-structure and stability with the right emulsifiers

    Cake manufacturers are keen to develop high-quality cakes with increased volume, softness and finer crumb structure. And they want these qualities to remain with the product for as long as possible until they reach consumer tables.

    For cake gel manufacturers and the industrial cake factories or batchwise-production bakeries they serve, Palsgaard has developed a portfolio of sustainably produced emulsifiers and co-emulsifiers that can improve and extend the quality of both cake gels and the final cake:

    • Palsgaard® DMG (E471)
    • Palsgaard® PGE (E475)
    • Palsgaard® PGMS (E477)

    Choosing the right emulsifier combination for your recipe will result in more appealing cakes that can meet your customer's expectations and requirements - and your business priorities, too. We offer a wide range of emulsifiers based on 100% RSPO certified sustainable segregated palm oil, but if you want to go palm-free we can help you there, too.

    Your challenges – our solutions

    Having worked with cake gel manufacturers and the bakery industry for decades, Palsgaard has built up vast and valuable experience which we are happy to share. We have the knowledge to help you adjust and optimize your cake gel recipes, not just in terms of ingredients, but also in the production process. 

    Our application specialists stand ready to help you consider:

    • Choice of emulsifier
    • Raw material properties
    • Recipe (ingredient ratio)
    • Blending technology
    • Processing time
    • Temperature control
    • Equipment

    By understanding and controlling these parameters, you can produce a cake gel with the desired shelf-life and functionality.

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