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    Meet the world-leader in activated cake emulsifiers

    Palsgaard invented and patented the activated cake emulsifier over 30 years ago and we haven’t been resting on our laurels. We continuously develop these unique, powdered ingredients, in addition to helping producers of bakers' mixes, retail mixes and industrial cakes test and develop new recipes based on our emulsifiers.

    Activated cake emulsifiers are extruded emulsifier systems distributed on a food carrier. This innovative process creates a very large surface area – one 15 kg carton has a surface area equal to 4 – 5 football fields. The effect of this is instant functionality, such as fast uptake and incorporation of air into the cake batter, leading to improved stability and superior cake quality - as you can see for your self in the comparison video on the right. 

    In addition, activated cake emulsifiers offer numerous benefits, such as:

    Get to know our most versatile activated industrial cake emulsifier

    At GulFood Manufacturing we'll be happy to explain in detail the benefits of Palsgaard® SA 6610, a powdered cake emulsifier that is versatile, easy to work with and which is ready to meet the specific requirements of almost any current market or trend. Its functionality has been proven in industrial baking in all regions of the world, delivering the same performance under a variety of conditions in any whipped or stirred cake recipe.

    Palsgaard® SA 6610 is an efficent lean label alternative to cake gels, containing only a food carrier and one emulsifier and with a shelf-life of 18 months. Its unique powder form offers numerous other benefits compared to cake gels, such as the possibility to use it in automated production lines. This would mean more acurate dosaging and less waste of emulsifier, a more consistent performance over time, lower production costs, less risk of human errors and less production waste.

    And its new palm-free alternative

    At GulFood Manufacturing we will launch the newest member of our Palsgaard® SA series, Palsgaard® SA 6615, made from palm-free vegetable oils and still as versatile, efficient and easy to work with as the other products in the series.

    Discover the active solution to trans-fat free bakery products

    As partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) and the trans-fatty acids contained in these are becoming increasingly unfavourable to use due to health risks (heart problems and Type 2 diabetes) cake manufacturers need to find out how to remove PHOs from their recipes – and preferably without damaging the quality of their products.

    Palsgaard's range of activated cake emulsifiers are the solution to this – find out how in this article or ask our technical experts at the booth. 

    Or try out our new recipe for a gluten-free extra moist Devil's Food cake mix

    Successful gluten-free cake mixes are notoriously difficult to develop, making it commonly accepted that the cakes often turn out dry and boring. Our application experts decided to see if it were possible to beat the odds - and cashed in big time as they have developed a recipe for a Devil's Food cake that is so moist and delicious you wouldn't think it was gluten-free. Read more about how we did it in this article.

    Part of the success of this new recipe is owed to the fact that we have based it on Emulpals® 110, our renowned activated cake emulsifier, which has a proven track record of more than 30 years. Emulpals® 110 is suited for a wide range of cake types, including muffins, cupcakes, sponge cakes and pound cakes offers a number of benefits, which are all explained in this article.

    Or ask us how we can help you go from artisan to industry

    As our application technologists travel the globe, they pick up ideas for for numerous cakes and can make recommendations for customers seeking inspiration for new products. And the inspiration for this could just as easily come from the artisan style cake that's a big hit with consumers in other parts of the world. If an idea finds favour, we'll be happy to take on the challenge of translating the product to a recipe matching the demands of industrial baking using our powdered, activated cake emulsifiers which are custom designed for industrial bakery.

    Find out how we help customers solve challenges in industial baking in this article.

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