Meet the world's # 1 in non-GMO chocolate emulsifiers at FI Europe

    Palsgaard is known throughout the world as a global market leader in non-GMO chocolate emulsifiers such as PGPR, and AMP, which can supplement or outperform lecithin. Meet us at booth # 080H4 in Hall 8.

    In chocolate and confectionery, the ability to maximize cost efficiencies, achieve specific flow properties and avoid thickening in low-fat chocolate have always been high priorities. To support these aims, Palsgaard provides non-GMO chocolate emulsifiers such as PGPR and AMP, which can safely and sustainably supplement or even outperform lecithin. And we offer vegetable fat-based oil binders and crystal promoters to prevent separation, too.

    Recently, sustainably sourced and produced ingredients have become an increasing global priority. Recognising this, Palsgaard’s sustainable emulsifiers are ready to help you step up to the challenges of:

    • Maintaining product quality
    • Getting more out of your raw materials
    • Using less energy in production
    • Better management of raw material shortages
    • Increased control of harvest variations
    • Greater supply chain control

    We know emulsifiers

    With many years of experience in the manufacture of baked goods, ice cream and fat-based fillings, Palsgaard is the ideal partner for developing a complete range of complex confections from chocolate-coated Swiss rolls to ice cream.

    We'll show you our know-how

    Extensive expertise in rheology and chocolate flow properties, combined with state-of-the-art equipment, makes us the world leader in chocolate and confectionery emulsifiers, and we are happy to share our knowledge for the benefit of our customers. You'll find a small amount of our emulsifiers will go a very long way. By letting you take control of each step of the production process, from blending or conching to cooling, our top-of-the-range application centers let you fine-tune and prepare your exact chocolate recipes under controlled manufacturing conditions. 

    Is sustainability high on your agenda?

    Make The Change Illustrations2If so, you'll be glad to hear that Palsgaard is the perfect partner for you. Not only were we the first company to industrially produce emulsifiers, in fact we invented them, we were also the first emulsifier company to become CO2-neutral, just as we were the first company able to offer their full range of emulsifiers as RSPO SG certified. 

    Find out more about how to Make the Change with sustainable emulsifiers in these pages.

    Discover our lecithin-beating emulsifier at FI Europe

    In addition to showcasing our renowned range of PGPR products made famous for their stable batch-to-batch performance and unsurpassed ability to control viscosity and yield value, Palsgaard is pleased to present our Palsgaard® AMP 4455 emulsifier.

    In short, this emulsifier will make a chocolate manufacturer's dream come true as it offers cost-effective and stable control over the viscosity of any type of chocolate - regular or low fat - without the taste or odor downsides of lecithin.

    Palsgaard® AMP 4455 offers several benefits compared to lecithin:

    • Stable supply as it is based on highly obtainable sunflower oil
    • Substantial dosage reductions possible - use as little as 40% of the dosage normally required with lecithin
    • Possibility to create new, low-fat, low-calorie and low-cost recipes as there is no "thickening effect"
    • Save an additional 2-3 percent of cocoa butter
    • Neutral taste and odor, meaning no off-flavors in even the mildest types of chocolate
    • Easy to use as it is pumpable at room temperature
    • Non-GMO and non-allergenic
    • Microbiologically safe

    Find out more about the benefits of Palsgaard® AMP 4455 here or visit our booth # 080H4 to meet our chocolate experts and find out what switching to Palsgaard® AMP 4455 could do for you.

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    Elevator Pitch - Ny

    Stop by the Discovery Theatre on Tuesday 28 November at 12.30 to hear Global Sales Manager Peter Poulsen give a 10 min fast paced Elevator Pitch on Palsgaard® AMP 4455.

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