Emulsifiers for cake gels

Emulsifiers for cake gels

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Key features
  • Tailor-made emulsifiers for cake gels
  • Multiple physical forms available 
    – liquid, paste, powder or pellets
  • Non-palm alternatives available
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher / Halal certified
  • Available as RSPO SG certified
  • Produced in CO2-neutral factories
Key benefits
  • Improved alpha-structure and stability
  • Fast and easy solubility
  • High performing cake gels
  • Improved aeration of the cake batter
  • Higher cake volume 
  • Uniform, fine crumb structure and smooth cake surface
  • Soft and moist cakes

Perfect the aeration and shelf-life of your cake gel

Cake gels are specifically designed to create a uniform distribution of right-sized, stabilized air bubbles or ‘holes’ throughout the cake. And to achieve this, they need to create a system that keeps emulsifiers in α-formed crystals as long as possible. This type of cake gel will continue to work its magic at every stage of the production process, and its softening effects will last for many months.

Achieving the right blend, however, isn't so simple. The quality of water and other ingredients, as well as process parameters, is a constant challenge for many cake gel producers. Palsgaard's emulsifiers for α-gels tackle such problems, helping to achieve the right results and ensure a consistent baking result. 

Emulsifier applications and functionalities in cake gels

Distilled monoglycerides (DMG) create α-gels with excellent whippability in cake batters. The emulsifier interacts with the starch in the batter during the whipping and baking process, delaying staling and extending the cake's shelf-life.

There are indications that the C18:0 content in the DMG will have a positive effect on the functionality of the cake gels. Our findings indicate that the higher the C:18 content, the better functionality of the emulsifier.
The fatty acid composition also plays a role in the functionality of the gel. 

Generally speaking, the whippability of the cake gel comes from C18:0 but the baking performance also depends on C16:0. This explains why compositions with C18:0 and C16:0 will deliver good baking results.

Unfortunately, α-gels are notoriously short-lived and subsequently change to the non-whipping active β-formation. Luckily, this process can be delayed by adding co-emulsifiers such as polyglycerol esters (PGE) and propylene glycol esters (PGMS). These improve α-crystal stability, prolong cake gel shelf-life and influence the softness and crumb structure of the final cake.

Propylene glycol and sorbitol work as solvents in the cake gel during production. Sugar and sorbitol affect the long-term stability of the cake gel, influencing the speed of recrystallisation within the gel. Sorbitol and sugar also lower water activity and extend the shelf-life of the cake.


Emulsifier overview

  • Palsgaard® DMG 0093

    Palsgaard® DMG 0093 is an emulsifier containing distilled monoglycerides of vegetable fatty acids.

    Palsgaard® DMG 0093 is used in a wide range of products such as emulsifier with starch complexing properties for use in bread and starch-based products, and emulsifier for use in water-in-oil emulsions e.g. cake gels, margarine and bakery compounds, etc.

    Palsgaard® DMG 0093 is available in liquid form, as pellets, powder or block form.

    • Primary emulsifier forming alpha-crystals leading to high performing cake gels
    • Provides excellent whippability, texture and volume for cake batters
    • Interacts with co-emulsifiers to prevent β-formation over time
    • Reduces the surface tension between water and the fat phase 
    • Facilitates and stabilises the water-in-oil emulsion during emulsification and processing 
    • Ensures a homogeneous and stable emulsion in the finished product 
    • Shelf-life extension via anti-staling effect
    • Improves the texture of starch-containing products
    • Kosher / Halal certified
    • Available as RSPO SG certified
    • Produced in CO2-neutral factories

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  • Palsgaard® PGE 1011

    Palsgaard® PGE 1011 is a high-quality polyglycerol ester for the making of whipping active cake gels. Palsgaard® PGE 1011 is available in powder form.

    A cake gel is a whipping active gel, consisting of mono-layers of water and stable whipping active emulsifiers, which has crystallized in the whipping active alpha-form.

    The emulsifiers are typically mono- and diglycerides and polyglycerol esters of fatty acids.
    Monoglycerides will typically crystallize in alpha-form and then re-crystallize to the non-whipping active beta-form.

    Palsgaard® PGE 1011 will crystallize in the whipping active alpha-form and in addition to this also stabilize and fix the monoglycerides in the same crystal form.

    • Improves alpha-stability of cake gel
    • Extends cake gel shelf-life
    • Improves baking performance
    • Delivers cakes with a close and compact structure
    • Secures a stable and efficient whipping performance
    • Provides a stable density of the cake batter
    • Provides a stable foam which is resistant to mechanical treatment
    • Kosher / Halal certified
    • Available as RSPO SG certified
    • Produced in CO2-neutral factories

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