It’s time to get together and you’re invited!

SAM-con Programme

SAM-con Programme


We invite all of our foreign colleagues to a pre-SAM-con dinner Sunday October 9th, at the restaurant at Hotel Scandic at 18.00

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After the program ends on Wednesday, we invite everyone for a buffet at Hotel Scandic restaurant at 19.30.

The dinner is volunteer, therefor we need you to sign up. 

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Power BI Intro

2 sessions by Jacob Mindstruplund

Still new to Power BI or would you like to re-cap the introduction…?
Here’s a great chance to (re-)experience the Power BI introduction LIVE during SAM-con. 

The content of the sessions is the same.

The sessions will be held in HS1. One on Thursday 14.00 - 15.30 and one Friday 10.00 - 11.30 in the SAM-con week.

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Stay in the middle of a fairy tale

Throughout the week, we have booked beautiful rooms at the historic old manor from 1775, Scandic Bygholm Park Hotel. The hotel is located in the middle of the manor park, and from here you have just a short walk through the park to both the city centre and the train station.

All you need to do is show up on October 8th or 9th, mention you will join SAM-con and a room will be waiting for you. Breakfast is included on all days and parking is free of charge. N.B: there are no charging options for electrical cars.

Schüttesvej 6,
8700 Horsens
+45 75 62 23 33

[email protected]Scandic Bygholm Website

Rent a car for flexibility:

We advise you to rent a car, so you can flexibly move around from the Scandic Bygholm Hotel to Fængslet and between the hotel and Palsgaard HQ. You can do so by yourself or together with a small group of colleagues to fill up a car. We won't provide taxi service from place to place. 

You should rent a car through Europecar at https://www.europcar.en-us. We have a Palsgaard agreement with them. When making the booking of the car please inform them our customer no: BSS: 706852.

N.B. Neither Scandic nor Fængslet has any charging facilities for electric cars. There are other options in Horsens and at Palsgaard in Juelsminde but consider renting non-electric cars.

Payment will be done individually with Europcar, either by card or invoice.


e-mail: [email protected] - Phone: +45 75 61 07 77 

Aarhus & Billund Airport:

e-mail: [email protected] - Phone: +45 89 33 11 33

You will experience ‘the Danish Alcatraz’

The Prison (Fængslet) in Horsens is the most famous attraction in the city. Once a fully-functioning penitentiary for more than 150 years, it has now been turned into a conference center and museum, and hosts concerts, food festivals, and so much more.

We will Kick-off SAM-con on Monday morning at 9.00 am at Fængslet.

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Down Town Horsens

Enjoy Horsens - the historical town by the sea

We welcome you to the city of Horsens where our conference activities on Monday and Tuesday will take place for SAM-con. In Horsens, you will find a vibrant mix of arts and music, great food, beautiful nature, and shopping. With its coastal location, you are always close to the ocean.

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Any questions? Do not worry. We have gathered the most frequently asked questions for you right here:

How do I get from the Airport/Train station to the Hotel?

If arriving at an airport, we advise you to rent a car from Europcar. The train station at Horsens is only a 5-minute walk from the Scandic Bygholm hotel. There are always taxis available at the train station if you require one for transfer to the hotel.

What should I wear for SAM-con?

Bring your business casual clothing, this way, you'll be dressed just right for all arrangements. Keep an eye on your e-mail, we will write to you as we get closer to SAMcon. 

Can I get a single room at the Hotel?

Yes, of course! Most of you traveled a looong way to get her, spend most of the day in a social program, and let's be honest, all of us need to withdraw to our own personal space after days like this. We booked enough rooms so everyone gets their own. 

What to eat and where? 

Breakfast will be served at the hotel or at the locations each day, so no need to worry about that.
Monday and Tuesday we've arranged formal dinners – we will all eat together as a group.

However, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings, you will have some time off to go exploring for yourself and we thought these suggestions might come in handy:

How to dress for the Danish weather? 

The Danish weather can be difficult to dress for - sometimes experiencing all seasons in one day. However, October can be quite chilly and wet in Denmark, so be sure to bring a warm jacket.   

Is there a program for SAM-con?

The full program will be published in the weeks before the conference. You will receive an email with the program and participant list. Keep an eye on your e-mail.

Where can I go for my morning run? 

Are you one of those people who just need to get moving in the morning? We’ve got your back. Close to Bygholm Park Hotel, you'll find a 7 km hilly trail around a beautiful lake - so bring those running shoes.

Who to contact if I get sick?

If you get in a life-threatening emergency, call 112. Please let Pia know too.

If you need to be seen by a doctor but it's not life-threatening, you need to call "vagtlægen": +45 70 11 31 31 - they speak English and are placed at the Hospital in Horsens. Please let Pia know. I will take you there if needed. 

If you get sick and can't participate at the SAM-con Events, please let Pia know: +45 22 34 93 71


We need to update this as we get closer to the arrangement. At the moment, infections are increasing here in Denmark, but there are no official restrictions. If this will change and how we will handle Covid as a company in October, we will keep you updated.

Everyone will receive five self-test kits. We would appreciate it if everyone would test themselves every morning before the SAM-con activities begin. If the test is positive, please test again. If it's also positive, please contact [email protected] There is an official Covid test center close to Scandic. 

We will also provide facemasks you can wear them and hand sanitiser. 

Payment Guidelines

All expenses are covered by PADK except:

  • Food and drink expenses on Saturday all day, Sunday lunch, Thursday (evening), and Friday (evening) – all other mealtimes are included in the conference package and will be paid by PADK
  • Any room service or extra hotel services

Each person is responsible for their own payment of any expenses. Organize this with your direct manager.

Who can I ask a question?

The main organizing Team behind SAM-con is:

- Lionel Tempka - [email protected] (Programme, participants, groups, etc.)

- Phil Witcomb - [email protected] (Conference rooms, venues, etc.)

- Pia Skou Hansen - [email protected] (Secure guest experience, together with my co-coordinators - Ask us anything)

The 3 co-coordinators are:

- Dafne PAMX - [email protected]

- Pei Pei PASG - [email protected]

- Burcu in PATR - [email protected]

The pedestrian shopping street - Horsens
View of the Maritime area on the north side of Horsens Fjord
Lake at bygholm. Find a 7 km walk/run route just across from the Hotel
Drone photo of Scandic Bygholm