RSPO SG-certified emulsifiers

By partnering with Palsgaard, you’ll be able to meet your customers’ demands for sustainable palm-based ingredients. Our certified emulsifier plant can deliver RSPO SCCS SG certified emulsifiers for a wide range of products.

We’ve been a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2008. And we strongly recommend our partners and customers to support the RSPO system, addressing an essential issue for the global environment, for biodiversity and for the working conditions of local plantation workers.

Setting an uncompromising standard

Our commitment doesn’t stop at the RSPO SG level for key raw materials. We dive even deeper into our supply chain, identifying everything sourced from suppliers, such as fatty acids or antioxidants, that may involve non-sustainable palm materials.

No matter how small a part they play in the product.  And if we can’t be sure to obtain the real thing, we switch to using entirely palm-free products instead.