Emulsifiers and stabilisers for extruded ice creams


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Key features
  • Custom-designed emulsifier/stabiliser blends for extruded ice cream
  • Available as integrated blends
  • Available as RSPO SG certified
  • Palm-free options available
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher / Halal certified
  • Produced in CO2-neutral factories
Key benefits
  • Improved form stability
  • Production stability
  • Improved melt-down properties
  • Enhanced sensory properties
  • Prevention of heat-shock
  • Top quality ice creams

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The use of extrusion technology for making ice cream products such as “funny face” ice creams, cones with decorated tops or multi-layered desserts requires emulsifier/stabiliser systems designed to improve the stand-up and melt-down properties of the ice cream. By applying extrusion technology, “funny face” and multi-layer product types can successfully be introduced into the range of water ice. Moreover, by incorporating air into the product, the water ice becomes smoother and creamier. We are experts in this field.

Our Palsgaard® ExtruIce and Palsgaard® IceTriple series include a wide range of highly functional emulsifier and stabiliser systems, all ensuring a very slow melt-down of the ice cream. The range includes products designed for standard or premium ice cream, lean label ice cream, and diabetic or soft ice cream, too.

Try the cost-efficient alternative to Locust Bean Gum

Ask a typical consumer what their dream ice cream experience is, and it’s likely that the word “creamy” will come up pretty quickly. Indeed, it’s hard to think of many food categories where texture and mouthfeel are more important.

One of the most common solutions for mouthfeel in ice cream is Locust Bean Gum (E410), a stabiliser and thickener that prevents ice crystal growth and controls meltdown properties. However, it also has a less desirable characteristic. Because of regular supply shortages, it’s highly susceptible to price fluctuation and many manufacturers want to be less dependent on it.

Offering a price-stable alternative that doesn’t require major change to existing recipes has been a major goal for Palsgaard. The solution was tara gum (E417), a vegetable gum derived from seeds from the tara tree. It’s structurally similar to Locust Bean Gum and delivers the same functionality, but at a lower cost.

Palsgaard has recently launched a new range of integrated tara gum emulsifier-stabiliser blends: Palsgaard® ExtruIce 303 and Palsgaard® ExtruIce 305 offer a number of functional benefits in ice cream, including stable overrun, heat shock protection and storage stability. They are also easy to use ― no pre-mixing with other dry ingredients is required before adding to the mix. It’s suitable for applications including extruded ice cream, moulded ice cream, soft ice and frozen vegan desserts as well as palm-free, PHO-free, kosher and halal-certified, and produced in CO2-neutral factories.

The benefits of integrated emulsifiers and stabilisers

The benefits of integrated emulsifiers and stabilisers

Emulsifier and stabiliser overview

  • Palsgaard® ExtruIce 274

    Palsgaard® ExtruIce 274 is an integrated blend of emulsifiers and stabilisers developed specially for use in extruded ice cream but may also be used in the production of a wide range of different types of ice cream, including soft scoop ice cream, low-fat/low-sugar ice cream and yoghurt ice cream.

    The special composition makes it an outstanding all-round product with strong functional properties, which is highly sought after among manufacturers of ice cream all over the world.



    • Great innovation potential
    • Stable performance
    • Optimal viscosity in ice cream mix
    • Firm structure
    • Pleasant mouth-feel
    • Good appearance
    • Smooth and creamy consistency
    • Outstanding heat-shock and storage stability
    • Excellent stand-up and meltdown properties
    • Cost optimisation



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  • Palsgaard® IceTriple 103

    Palsgaard® IceTriple 103 is an integrated mixture of emulsifier and stabilisers. Palsgaard® IceTriple 103 is developed for use in all types of ice cream but is particularly suited for reduced-fat ice cream.

    • Facilitates the incorporation of air into the mix giving a high and stable overrun
    • Promote the formation of small ice crystals giving a creamy and smooth texture
    • Provides a very creamy mouthfeel and full-bodied texture to the ice cream
    • Provides dryness on extrusion and excellent stand-up and meltdown properties
    • Excellent protection of the ice cream against heat shock damages when exposed to fluctuating temperatures during distribution and storage

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