Emulsifiers and stabilisers for UHT recombined milk

Achieve perfect emulsion, creaminess and mouth-feel in your UHT milk products

Key features
Key benefits
  • Increased heat stability of the milk proteins, thus 
    reduced risk of fouling during, e.g., indirect UHT treatment
  • Facilitated formation of a stable emulsion
  • Maintains a good creaminess and mouth-feel
  • Improves the texture of the recombined milk and related products
  • Simplified dispersion-process during hydration and recombination
  • Reduces foaming during processing
  • Keeps particles in suspension throughout the shelf-life of the recombined milk to ensure no sedimentation or separation
Palsgaard Integrated Blends Vs Dry Blends Of Emulsifiers And Stabilisers

The benefits of integrated emulsifiers and stabilisers

Emulsifier/stabiliser overview

  • Palsgaard® RecMilk 121

    Palsgaard® RecMilk 121 is an integratedblend of emulsifier and stabilizers. Palsgaard® RecMilk 121 is developed for use in recombined, toned and fresh milk and related products. It's equally suited for pasteurized, UHT-treated and sterilised milk products.

    • Facilitates the formation of a stable emulsion
    • Prevents excessive foam formation during processing
    • Increases the heat stability of the milk proteins, thus reducing the risk of burning during e.g. indirect UHT-treatment
    • Improves the texture of the finished milk giving a creamy and rich mouth-feel
    • Available as RSPO SG certified
    • Non-GMO
    • Kosher / Halal certified
    • Produced in CO2-neutral factories



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