AMP – the chocolate maker’s best emulsifier alternative to lecithin

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Key features
  • Custom designed emulsifier to reduce the Casson plastic viscosity in chocolates and compounds
  • Documented functionality
  • Works well with PGPR
  • Allergen-free, non-GMO lecithin alternative
  • Pumpable at room temperature for easy handling
  • Produced in CO2-neutral factories
Key benefits
  • Incomparable viscosity control
  • Optimal moulding – no air bubbles
  • Controlled enrobing – no formation of feet
  • More consistent quality
  • No off-taste in the chocolate
  • Energy savings during production
  • Protection against rising raw ingredient prices

How to sustainably replace lecithin

Just as lecithin (E322) is a phospholipid, so is ammonium phosphatide (E442) but with the important distinction that AMP has been created specifically for use in chocolate and confectionery. This allows it to effectively outperform lecithin in reducing the chocolate’s plastic viscosity and yield value at a much smaller dosage, giving the chocolate producer much greater control of the flow properties of his/her chocolate during production.

Incomparable viscosity control

Nothing gives you as much control over viscosity as Palsgaard® AMP 4455. Whether you’re working with regular or low-fat recipes, you can get all the control you need – and without the taste or odour common with lecithin. The key to this emulsifier’s outstanding performance is that increasing the dosage of Palsgaard® AMP 4455 doesn’t increase yield value. Instead, you can dose up to 1% Palsgaard® AMP 4455 to achieve the desired viscosity reduction. Palsgaard® AMP 4455 has a functionality more than double of lecithin and that opens the door to new low-fat and low-calorie recipes.

If your end-consumer is sensitive to changes in your chocolate recipe, but you still want to make energy, raw ingredient and cost-savings, as well as gain better production control, then Palsgaard® AMP 4455 is just right for the job. Our application specialists can help you determine what – if any – changes you need to make, keeping your consumer’s eating experience just the way they like it.

Sunflower-based and microbiologically safe

Palsgaard® AMP 4455 has been specifically developed to provide a high degree of safety against microbiological organisms such as E-Coli and salmonella, and all batches of Palsgaard® AMP 4455 are produced in hygienic, sealed machinery at temperatures where microorganisms cannot survive. In the event of contamination further along the supply chain, inoculation tests confirm that all microorganism activity would cease in less than a week.

Future-proof, consistent-quality supply

Soya-based lecithin is very sensitive to harvest variations, causing fluctuations in supply and prices and influencing the purity of its raw materials. Palsgaard® AMP 4455 doesn’t suffer from such difficulties. It’s primarily manufactured using a combination of refined and deodorised sunflower oil and glycerine, making it a 100% plant-based product. Sunflower oil is one of the major vegetable oils on the world commodities market, which ensures a stable supply and minimises price variations.

Product overview

  • Palsgaard® AMP 4455

    Palsgaard® AMP 4455 is an Ammonium Phosphatide (AMP) which is specially developed for chocolate and compound applications.

    Palsgaard® AMP 4455 is specially designed to make an accurate reduction of the Casson plastic viscosity and yield value in such a way that an efficient replacement of fat and/or lecithin is achieved.

    The functional components of Palsgaard® AMP 4455 are highly concentrated resulting in a viscosity reduction by far stronger than the one known from standard lecithin. In fact, Palsgaard® AMP 4455 can replace lecithin in dosages down to 40% of the lecithin dosage or even better - huge savings on the expensive cocoa butter.

    • Uniform product
    • Documented functionality – VRP-Index 
    • Offers vast cost reduction possibilities
    • Smooth production
    • Fat reduction - cost reduction – low fat
    • Outperforms lecithin
    • Works well with PGPR
    • No allergens and non-GMO
    • Palm-free
    • Kosher / Halal-certified
    • Produced in CO2-neutral factories

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