Innovation starts with demand

Low-fat, gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free - we have it all

At Palsgaard, we love a good reason to innovate our products. Maybe you need to reduce fat while keeping the perfect mouthfeel? Or increase shelf-life without compromising on the texture? Or are you looking to create a gluten-free, sugar-free, or vegan recipe? Whatever the challenge, our experts are ready to take it on.

Modern consumers want sustainable and ethical products

Global megatrends impact food manufacturers as well, and the drive towards a green transition and sustainable production is no exception. With Palsgaard ingredients, you can be sure that the emulsifiers and stabilisers in your products have the lowest possible environmental impact. Our production is completely CO2-neutral, and all our food emulsifiers are available as RSPO SG certified.

Tested to perfection

Our highly advanced Application Centres around the world are where we test all new recipes. Industrial-scale mini-factories help us make realistic trials that can easily be scaled up – that way, our customers have a production-ready solution when they go home. In all our Application Centres you will find highly experienced technical teams ready for any challenge.

Nexus: R&D in its essence

Nexus is Palsgaard’s specialized research and development
company – created to make sure there is a place to practice
fundamental research in the field of plant-based emulsifiers and stabilisers. Nexus prides itself in having a significant degree of scientific freedom and provides Palsgaard with innovative solutions, quality control, as well as physical and chemical analysis services.

Discover how you can benefit from our application centres in these pages