Mission & Vision

    Palsgaard's Mission

    With a good workplace and advanced technology as our foundation, we produce and sell highly refined, customer-tailored emulsifier and stabilizer solutions for the global food industry as well as non-food markets such as polymers and personal care.

    Our Vision

    We wish to be the preferred, responsible partner and supplier of quality products, services and knowledge for regional and multinational food companies as well as non-food manufacturers within polymers and personal care.

    Our Values 

    Loyalty - responsibility - commitment

    A legacy of excellence

    Palsgaard A/S is a subsidiary of The Schou Foundation, which owns a group of companies whose corporate culture is unique and strongly affected by a long history. Physically, our culture is centered around the majestic Palsgaard Estate in its beautiful natural surroundings, which is home to our headquarters.

    While we have strong ties in the local community, the core of our business is our close partnerships with customers all over the world. We believe that this unique combination of local anchorage and a global perspective is one of our greatest strengths. Another strength is our tradition for behaving responsibly towards each other, our community and the environment. This tradition originates from Palsgaard's founder, Einar Viggo Schou, who saw this as an absolute necessity long before the term 'Corporate Social Responsibility' (CSR) was coined. 

    Our reputation

    The Palsgaard name must always be associated with high standards of quality and service. Our products must live up to our customers' expectations in terms of functionality. And they must meet the strictest food safety requirements. We achieve this through our quality assurance procedures and through innovation, which is most often conducted in close cooperation with our customers at our application centers.

    As an employer, we strive to maintain an attractive and innovative workplace. Thanks to our foundation ownership, we are in a position to give our employees a special status and benefits that are beyond the reach of most other companies.

    Through innovation, optimizing processes and minimizing risks, we ensure that our business is stable, that we are a reliable supplier for our customers, and that we can provide a safe place to work for our employees. 

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