Heart working people

    "Doing a good job for our customers is something we have very much at heart, and it has been like this for almost a century. Palsgaard has an open and frank culture which originates from our founders, who were socially oriented people with a keen eye on business. Today, you will find this culture present in our business conduct and relations building. It means that we work hard and with our hearts in the right place."

    Jakob Thoisen, CEO, Palsgaard A/S

    Connected to our pastHeart-working-people

    The spirit of our founders lives on with modern values that contribute to the success of Palsgaard and its employees. Einar Viggo Schou, who purchased the Palsgaard Estate in 1908 and later established the Palsgaard factory, could express his fundamental values in just three words: loyalty, diligence and persistence. These values still form the core of our company - we just express them slightly different as loyalty, responsibility and commitment. Every one of us at Palsgaard is committed, loyal and responsible, not only in looking after our customers but also each other, the environment and the local community.


    We conduct ourselves as honest and reliable business partners with confidentiality as key, and as a loyal employer for our staff. We build long-term relationships that bring value to our customers and employees over many years, and we can be trusted to protect and grow the value of each relationship. 


    Being responsible means, for example, that we care about our environment for the future generations to enjoy. To demonstrate our responsibility, we have set ourselves the ambitious goal of becoming CO2 neutral by 2020 and are recent and very committed members of SEDEX and RSPO.

    Committed to our customers

    We don't just do things - we do them right. We are completely dedicated in our approach to making sure that we achieve the very best results for our customers at all times and more often than not, we go beyond their expectations.

    The heart of the matter

    Employee commitment lies at the heart of Palsgaard's success. Our remarkably low staff turnover rate shows this commitment, and is proof that we love our work, and enjoy working with customers all around the globe. In fact, Palsgaard has awarded a 25-year service medal to more than 260 employees! The depth of the experience they represent is a key reason why our advice to customers is recognized as some of the best in the world.


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