All Palsgaard's raw materials are evaluated and approved before they are released for production, ensuring that all raw materials comply with relevant EU legislation and internal Palsgaard standards for quality and performance. Raw materials documentation is updated on a regular basis.

    Product documentation is based on raw materials documentation along with raw materials analyses and product analyses, ensuring complete compliance with relevant EU food legislation. This includes, but is not restricted to, food safety, contaminants, allergens, food additive specifications and labelling.

    Compliance with EU legislation and quality standards for both raw materials and finished products is carefully recorded. Our Documentation Department keeps the company up-to-date on current EU food legislation, and supports the entire organisation with product documentation and legal advice.

    Cultural awareness and certification


    According to Jewish dietary law, the kashrut, foods are divided into those that are allowed be consumed (kosher) and those that are not (treif). There are three categories of kosher food - meat, dairy and pareve (neutral). Mixing meat and dairy products is strictly forbidden according to the kashrut, while pareve foods may be combined with either meat or dairy products.

    Palsgaard offers kosher pareve products, certified by the Orthodox Union (OU). These products are manufactured using exclusively kosher equipment, meaning that only raw materials that are both pareve and OU-approved can be processed using the machinery.


    Halal refers to any object or action permissible according to Islamic law, including food, while haram is used to indicate foods that are not allowed.

    Halal products produced in Denmark and The Netherlands are certified by The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA), while halal products produced in Malaysia are certified by JABATAN KEMAJUAN ISLAM MALAYSIA (JAKIM). This implies that only halal approved raw materials are used on the production lines that are used for the halal certified products.

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