Ice cream application centers

    Want to be sure your new recipe will succeed in production and in the marketplace? And would you like to speed up the process from your idea to the finished product?

    Global application centers

    Our fully equipped ice cream pilot plants in Denmark, Mexico and Singapore, and our experienced technologists provide you with a fast, uniquely personal service where your specific needs and preferences - and the realities of your markets - are our focal point.

    We enjoy finding ways to optimize your ice cream recipes, working closely alongside you to tailor new solutions for both extruded and moulded ice cream - as well as sorbets/sherbets and ice lollies that achieve the effects your customers are seeking. Our people are here to help you with everything, including product development, troubleshooting and innovative inspiration, achieving even the most difficult of goals! 

    Realistic simulation

    Our application centres are fully equipped with continuous ice cream pilot freezers, two-stage homogenizers and pasteurization units. So we're able to simulate every step of your production setup before you're ready to take things into full-scale production.

    Regional expertise

    Taste and preferences vary from region to region, which is why we focus on understanding local product needs in regional markets. Our technical teams are skilled in dealing with the requirements of many different geographies, and they'll work hard to help you solve your unique challenges, whether on location or in one of our well-equipped ice cream application centers.

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    Learn how we work

    Check out our video explaining how we work with ice cream producers around the world

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    Hanne K. Ludvigsen

    Product & Application Manager
    Dairy, Ice cream & Soy