Dairy application centers

    Want to cut the time from brainstorming to the finished product on the table? You can do it with Palsgaard.

    Product development and recipe optimisation

    If you're looking for tailor-made solutions, recipe optimization, new product development and troubleshooting - plus creative inspiration and the right, hard-working attitude - then our technologists are ready to help you. And we've built up-to-date, fully functional dairy application centers

    Dairy application centers on three continents

    Our dairy application centers in Denmark, Mexico, China and Singapore provide fast, skilled regional service with in-depth knowledge of local products and manufacturing techniques.

    All of the processing steps that take place on an industrial scale are reflected at a smaller scale. For example, our ice cream line holds batch as well as continuous freezers with separate homogeniser and pasteurisation units.

    Tests on fermented products are done in temperature-controlled cabinets, allowing several parallel tests to be carried out simultaneously.

    Palsgaard's pilot plants all include fully flexible UHT lines with infusion and injection, two-stage aseptic homogenisers and various combinations of holding time and temperatures. New recipes for recombined milk drinks and soy beverages are often tested in these plants.  Desserts and creams are whipped in aerators specially dedicated to these applications.

    Regional expertise and top-shelf service

    Taste and preferences vary greatly from region to region. That's why we place so much emphasis on understanding the exact local product needs and tastes in regional markets. Our people have this unique "local-international" experience, and are dedicated to helping you meet your challenges and goals - either on location or at one of our well-equipped application centers.

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