Bakery application centers

    Want to be sure your new recipe will succeed in production and in the marketplace? Our bakery application centers at sites in Denmark, Mexico and Singapore provide you with a fast, skilled regional service with an in-depth knowledge of local products. It's a uniquely personal service where your specific needs and preferences - and the realities of your markets - are our focal point.

    Industrial-scale facilities

    How many specialized emulsifier and stabilizer manufacturers can offer industrial-scale testing facilities for the bakery industry? Our central application facilities in Denmark include a fully-equipped industrial bakery where realistic industrial pilot tests are carried out on a regular basis. Industrial-sized mixers and aerators feed a dual-zone continuous band oven to accurately reflect industrial conditions. This unique setup facilitates proper upscaling and increases the likelihood of success in the market.

    Regional expertise

    Taste and preferences vary from region to region, which is why we focus on understanding local product needs in regional markets. Our experienced technical teams are skilled in dealing with the requirements of many different geographies, and they'll work hard to help you solve your unique challenges, whether on location or in one of our well-equipped bakery application centers in Denmark, Mexico and Singapore - and regardless of you are producing baker's mixes, retail mixes or industrial cakes.

    Extensive testing

    As you would expect, our application centers are used to test all of our bakery emulsifiers under various industrial conditions before they leave our facilities. We carry out a wide range of strict tests not only to ensure each product will work as planned, but also to maintain your confidence in the high quality of our products and services.

    Learn how we work

    Check out our video explaining how we work with industrial cake producers around the world

    Learn how we work

    Check out our video explaining how we work with cake mix manufacturers around the world

    Activated cake emulsifier demo

    Check out this video which clearly shows the benefits of using an activated cake emulsifier

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