Customer driven development

    Palsgaard founder Einar Schou invented and patented the world's first commercial emulsifier at Palsgaard a century ago - and we haven't stopped inventing since. Our research and development activities reflect a double-edged approach to innovation.

    Global application centers

    You've got an exciting new recipe ready to go (with a little help from Palsgaard's emulsifiers and stabilizers) or you've made valuable changes to an existing one. But how can you be sure of success both in production and in the marketplace? We've set up well-equipped application centers at sites in Denmark, Mexico and Singapore as well as China and the USA and most recently Russia where we are opening a new center during 2018 to help high-volume customers with a fast, highly competent regional service. The centers cover all the major food application areas, offering a uniquely personal service where your specific needs and preferences - and the realities of your markets - are our focal point.

    Typically, a Palsgaard application center comprises a fully-equipped industrial facility where realistic industrial pilot tests can be carried out. This unique setup facilitates proper upscaling and vastly increases the likelihood of success in the marketplace.

    Our experienced technical teams are skilled in dealing with the requirements of many different geographies, and they'll work hard to help you solve your unique challenges, whether on location or at one of our well-equipped application centers.

    Inventing the future of food

    We do more than simply adjust the formulation of existing emulsifiers to meet the needs of our customers - we also invent new ones from scratch. The science of it all is performed at Nexus, our specialized research and development company, which is based at Palsgaard's headquarters.

    Nexus consists of several laboratories and functions, serving Palsgaard with innovation, quality control, and physical and chemical analysis service. Food industry manufacturers who choose Palsgaard also gain access to the wealth of Nexus knowledge.

    Putting it all together

    R&D projects often involve both Nexus and Palsgaard staff, with dedicated groups formed to match the exact needs of each specific assignment. Projects may focus, for example, on how processing resources are best utilised, how to manage the environmental impacts of food production, or how new or improved products and production processes can be developed.

    Working together via unparalleled, globally oriented application services, Palsgaard and Nexus are able to turn the innovations discovered in Nexus labs into direct benefits for food manufacturers and the consumers they serve.

    Watch our corporate video

    Check out our video explaining how Palsgaard works with food manufactures around the world.

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