• Emulsifiers and stabilizers for almost 100 years

    Founded on a strong philosophy of loyalty, commitment and responsibility we've made our mark on the global ingredients market for generations. We are a company of "heart working" people and invite you to come closer.

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Core business and know-how

With 100 years of experience and active in over 100 countries today, the name of Palsgaard has become synonymous with the manufacture and supply of emulsifiers and stabilizers to the global confectionery, dairy, ice cream, bakery, mayonnaise, margarine, meat and related food industries.

We have a thorough, international knowledge of the food sector as well as deep development and testing experience. And we're keen to share it with our customers.

We are "heart working"

Palsgaard was founded on a strong philosophy of loyalty, commitment and responsibility, and this philosophy is kept alive in the heart and actions of every employee today. We consider ourselves to be genuinely "heart working people", i.e. what we do comes from the heart with dedication as our way of working and thinking. This attitude is reflected in our commitment to meet and exceed even the most challenging of our customers' needs. 

Emulsifiers and stabilizers

We manufacture emulsifiers and stabilizers that can improve and adapt your products to meet a very wide range of customer needs, including: 

  • reduced fat Palsgaard -products ---combined
  • leaner labels
  • structure and stability
  • softness
  • shelf-life
  • nutrition
  • moisture content
  • spreadability
  • viscosity
  • mouth-feel and texture  

Functional agents for polymers

What can a food ingredient manufacturer do to help the plastic packaging industry? Our antistatic, antifogging and dispersing agents solve problems and create new opportunities in plastics by providing food-grade, sustainable, Halal/Kosher-certified and safe solutions to replace current, additive solutions. These high-performing "green" functional agents are so safe you can even eat them.

Application test centers around the world

At the core of Palsgaard's customer service are our application facilities, where scientific teams can simulate actual production conditions at a customer's plant. Working with you, we can develop new food products or improve existing food quality and nutritional profiles or optimize production processes. By creating a development environment that is almost identical to the real manufacturing world, we dramatically speed up the process from initial concept to production. 

We have created application facilities to ensure we can match local market trends and requirements. Our facilities are available for your benefit in: 

  • Denmark
  • Singapore
  • Mexico
  • China
  • USA
  • Russia (opening 2018) 

CO2 neutral by 2020

Our corporate values stress the importance of contributing to the reduction of CO2 and easing strain on the environment. Production of emulsifiers requires a large amount of energy and, therefore, Palsgaard has set itself an ambitious goal to become CO2 neutral by the year 2020. The first and biggest step on our way to global CO2-neutrality was obtained in 2015 as our facilities in Denmark achieved a zero carbon foot print. 

Palsgaard also complies with RSPO SCCS (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Chain Certification Standard) making us able to handle certified palm oil-based products. In this way, we support stability in biodiversity and responsible production in the manufacture of palm oil.

The Schou Foundation

Palsgaard is owned by the Schou Foundation, the main purpose of which is to operate by supporting relevant research for industry and development and to maintain the Palsgaard Estate for the overall benefit of its employees and the local community. Being owned by a foundation gives Palsgaard the freedom to take a more holistic, long-term view on investments and activities, as opposed to focusing solely on financial performance. 

A strong community spirit

We have a very strong attachment to the local community and a long tradition of acting responsibly toward each other, our communities and the environment. The core of our business is also to work very closely with our customers worldwide. We see this combination of working passionately from local roots with a wider, global perspective as one of our greatest strengths. 

We're proud of our reputation

Palsgaard is associated with high quality and service, which for us means that our products meet customer expectations for functionality, and simultaneously meet the strictest requirements for food safety. We achieve this through our quality assurance procedures and our innovative work, which primarily takes place in our application centers around the world in close cooperation with customers.

Quality management

Palsgaard's production facilities produce emulsifiers in strict compliance with the quality control requirements of  HACCP and ISO 22000, ISO/TS 22002-1 and FSSC 22000.

A brief history of Palsgaard

Palsgaard's roots trace back to the day when, in 1908, the entrepreneur Einar Viggo Schou (1866 -1925) returned to Denmark from the UK in search of a 'beautiful place to live'. He found his dream in the majestic 12th-century Palsgaard estate with its beautiful, fairy-tale manor house and breathtaking scenery of forests and coastlines. He purchased it from revenues earned as part owner of Southall, the world's largest margarine factory at the time, and from inventing the revolutionary cooling-drum process for the manufacture of margarine emulsions in the UK. The Palsgaard factory and headquarters are today situated on the estate, with further manufacturing plants in the Netherlands, Mexico and, most recently, a new factory in Malaysia

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