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Emulsifiers for puff pastry margarine

Successful production of laminated pastry, such as puff pastry, Danish pastry and croissants, requires margarine with sufficient plasticity and dry surface to handle the mechanical treatment during production.

When margarine is laminated into the dough, the number of margarine layers differs from product to product; Danish pastries and croissants tend to have at least 16 layers or more, and puff pastry usually contains at least 288 layers of plasticized margarine.

This has to be in a single, homogenous layer without the margarine breaking, becoming greasy or too elastic, and without breaks or cracks in the dough, whilst still giving a controlled expansion of the pastry during baking.

Palsgaard offers a wide range of emulsifiers for plasticized margarine.

With emulsifiers such as Palsgaard® 1302 we can maintain dry/non-greasy surfaces for easy-to-handle margarines and at the same time secure a high, homogenous lift in the baked goods, resulting in a pleasant and delicious baked product.

Puff -pastry -margarine -setupMake puff pastry with less than 80% fat

Palsgaard has developed a new range of emulsifiers, including Palsgaard® 1311 and Palsgaard® 1325,  for 80%, 70%, 60% and 50% fat contents in Danish, croissant and puff pastry margarines without lecithin. 

Palsgaard's range of emulsifiers for Danish pastry, croissant and puff pastry offers a number of benefits:

  • The emulsifier creates a very stable emulsion; it is not possible to break the emulsion despite the extrusion/work of the margarine
  • The emulsifier ensures the plasticity of the margarine
  • The emulsifier helps to create a homogenous layer of melted margarine in the dough during baking so that a homogenous, high lift is guaranteed
  • The emulsifier secures a long shelf life for the margarine  

Palsgaard can also help you
adjust your production process, bearing in mind that:

  • The fat blend must be formulated in such a way to offer high plasticity; palm oils are widely used for these types of margarines
  • The slow crystallizing fats demand more cooling and more/different processing than standard margarines
  • Tempering the margarine is very important in order to create the best plasticity at the temperature at which the margarine will be used

Try our emulsifiers and recipes for puff pastry margarine

As a new feature, we have made a selection of our most popular recipes for puff pastry margarine available for you to download. These recipes are often used as starting points for a partnership with new customers, and are then adjusted to fit your local sensory preferences, raw materials and production facilities.

Download our select recipe suggestions and the matching product profiles on this page.

For advice on how to adjust the recipes to fit your needs and order samples of our emulsifiers for puff pastry margarine, please contact your local Palsgaard partner.