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Emulsifiers for bakery margarines

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Emulsifiers for bakery margarines

In the past, bakers mainly used a multipurpose margarine for all kinds of baked goods. Now bakery margarines have become more specialized, each serving a specific purpose:

Emulsifiers play a large part in how these margarines are differentiated from each other.

We offer a wide range of emulsifiers for bakery margarine. These emulsifiers will, together with the right process and composition, ensure that your margarine meets the demands of the bakery industry.

We help you face the low-trans-fat and low-fat trends
whilst giving you a non-lecithin solution

New trends in bakery margarines - such as low-trans-fat and lower-fat contents and the use of non-hydrogenated oil, as well as demands for no lecithin in the recipe - have created fresh challenges for the margarine industry.

At Palsgaard we provide the emulsifiers required and give advice on how to adjust your production process to get your desired margarine composition.

Problems solved, on location or in our pilot plants

With our large-scale pilot plants, we simulate our customer's processing, or make on-site recommendations on how to incorporate changes in production setup. Alternatively, our customers can test new types of setup before they make changes in their own production.