• Emulsifiers & stabilizers for ice cream

    At Palsgaard, we take your ice cream very seriously. We've developed a full range of emulsifiers, stabilizers and integrated blends to achieve the qualities your customers prefer.

Ice cream emulsifier & stabilizer experts

Emulsifiers and stabilizers for extruded ice cream, moulded ice cream, ice lollies and sorbets/sherbets

Emulsifiers and stabilizers for ice cream

At Palsgaard, we take your ice cream very seriously. We've developed a full range of emulsifiers and stabilizers as well as integrated blends to achieve the qualities your customers prefer.

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Products for today - and tomorrow

Preferences for taste and texture vary around the world. And, as markets evolve, consumers demand an even wider choice of textures and tastes. At Palsgaard, we can offer a range of superior product recipes to help you design and adapt your products for today and tomorrow.

And we know exactly how to get the final result you're looking for.

Emulsifiers in ice cream

The emulsifiers have a crucial impact on the sensory characteristics of the finished ice cream product and the melting resistance and storage stability are greatly influenced and can be controlled by the choice of emulsifiers.

Stabilizers for ice cream

The choice of stabilizers strongly influences the formation and growth of ice crystals and the all-important mouth-feel. The right combination of stabilizers determines the sensory profile of the ice cream, helping you to accurately meet consumer expectations.

Faster from idea to ice cream at our application centers

Whether you want to improve the mouth-feel and texture of your premium ice cream, create a low-fat ice cream without compromising on the sensory profile, or ensure better form stability in your extruded water ice, there are limitless possibilities. Our ice cream and dairy technicians can assist you in selecting and combining the correct type of emulsifiers and stabilizers for exciting ice cream concepts that meet the consumer's requirements and expectations.

We won't offer you standard, off-the-shelf solutions. Throughout the entire process, we work directly with you and your team to clarify what you would like to achieve with your product. Then we develop, test and refine your new recipe at our well-equipped pilot laboratories around the world for both milk-based and soy-based products.

Discover more about how you can benefit from our ice cream application centers

We can help you to optimize:

  • creaminess
  • warm/cold eating properties
  • flavour release
  • texture
  • shape retention
  • heat shock stability
  • melt-down properties

Easy to apply and delivered right on time

Our emulsifier and stabilizer blends for ice cream are available in an easy-to-apply powder form. And your orders will arrive right on time, tracked and monitored to any part of the world. In fact, our standard supply lead time is just three weeks from confirmation of your order.

Palsgaard is ISO 22000-certified, so our products are manufactured according to HACCP principles. And you can rely on our documentation department to ensure that all products delivered from Palsgaard's production facilities comply with relevant EU legislation. 

Manufactured with a clear conscience

We take our corporate social responsibility very seriously at Palsgaard. This is, however, nothing new - and we're not just adapting to market pressures. Our founding principles, formulated over 90 years ago, have always demanded that we look after our people and our environment. By 2015, for example, we will only use RSPO-certified palm oil, and we have pledged to become CO 2 neutral by 2020.