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    Palsgaard® IceTriple

    IceTriple - forsidePalsgaard® IceTriple

    Palsgaard IceTriple® adds an extremely smooth and creamy sensation to ice cream - characteristics which all ice cream manufacturers are looking for.
    Creaminess is determined by a complex interaction between raw materials, composition of the recipe, and the production process. Creaminess is mainly defined by the distribution of air bubbles in the end product - a phenomenon in which emulsifiers play an important role.

    More stable:
    Excellent heat shock stability!

    Palsgaard IceTriple® offers excellent heat shock stability for ice cream. This ensures a pleasant texture and mouthfeel even after repeated exposure to fluctuating temperatures (ref. graph 1).

    In most parts of the world, ice cream is exposed to fluctuating temperatures before consumption which in most cases will damage its texture, mouthfeel and appearance.

    When exposed to heat shock, the ice cream may change its original sensory properties, tend to become coarse, and show significantly more cold-eating characteristics. This transition from a smooth and delicious treat into a less pleasant eating experience is also often followed by a visible collapse of structure resulting in severe shrinkage inside the packaging.

    Better melting resistance!
    Palsgaard IceTriple® ensures the slowest melting of ice cream.

    The melting profile of an ice cream is strongly influenced by the choice of emulsifiers: Emulsifiers control the degree of protein desorbtion during the ageing of the emulsion and affect the fat crystallisation. As such they also play an important role in preparing the mix for the freezing and aeration

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