IFT Annual 2017

Emulsifiers, stabilizers & know-how put to work

Palsgaard invented and patented the first commercial emulsifier a century ago and we haven't stopped inventing since. Not only are we continuously improving our existing emulsifiers and emulsifier/stabilizer solutions, we also create new ones from scratch and help our customers make the most of them in our application centers around the world.

Lean label emulsifiers for trans-fat-free foods

The United States Food & Drug Administration has determined that partially hydrogenated oils, which contain trans fats, are not “generally recognized as safe” and have set a three-year limit for their removal from all processed foods effective from June 25 2017.

As a consequence food manufacturers are now struggling to remove trans fats from their recipes, but as trans fats have a function in processed foods, this is no easy task. It can, however, be accomplished with the right emulsifiers, which we will demonstrate at the IFT as we bring to the US a number of new emulsifiers within: 

Palsgaard Muffins Dark Chocolate Heart Single 1 Spread
 Bakery Confectionery  Margarine

Global and - now local - application service

Using our application centers on three continents and our know-how in global trends and production processes, we help customers test and develop new products or improve their existing recipes with our emulsifier/stabilizer solutions. This service will soon be provided in the US as Palsgaard Incorporated is pleased to reveal plans to open bakery and confectionery R&D facilities in Edison, New Jersey this fall.

Sustainable emulsifiers

Corporate Social Responsibility or sustainability has been at the heart of Palsgaard’s strategy since the very beginning in 1908. As a natural consequence of this Palsgaard holds Roundtable on Sustainable Pam Oil (RSPO) Supply Chain Certificates on Mass Balance and Segregated levels, enabling us to provide a wide range of sustainable solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

By partnering with Palsgaard, food manufacturers can meet demands for a sustainable business model on palm oil sourcing and at the same time benefit from Palsgaard’s experience with the RSPO system. We gladly share our know-how from working with the RSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard (SCCS) – a necessary certification for food manufacturers to market and claim their products to be based on sustainable palm oil.

Furthermore, Palsgaard achieved CO2 neutrality for its production facilities in Denmark in 2015 and has committed to become CO2 neutral at all production facilities (Denmark, Mexico, the Netherlands and Malaysia) by 2020. Find out how we did it in the video widget or read more here.

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When and where

25 - 28 june 2017

Sands Expo Center 201 Sands Ave. Las Vegas, NV

Booth: 2450