Meet Palsgaard at EXPO CARNES

2017 marks the 100-year anniversary of one of the most important inventions in industrial food production, namely that of the world’s first industrial food emulsifier, the Palsgaard Emulsion Oil, by Danish entrepreneur and philanthropist Einar Viggo Schou. This patented emulsifier has since become the basis of all industrial food emulsifiers and it revolutionized the food processing industry around the world, including that of Mexico. 

At EXPO CARNES, Palsgaard will be showcasing a variety of high-performing emulsifiers and emulsifier/stabilizer solutions for the meat and dairy industry.

About the exhibition

The Meat and Dairy Expo maintains its standing as the most important event of its kind in Latin America by offering, over the course of three days, a variety of networking and business opportunities. The presence of foreign & nationals participating in the expo, convention and workshops makes Expo Carnes y Lácteos into a world-class event. The expo also features advanced processes of technology, additives and ingredients, equipment and containers for packaging, quality control and cooling services for both the meat and dairy industry.

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When and where

1 - 3 March

CINTERMEX - Monterry, N.L. México

Booth: 1712