Brochure - Palsgaard® CreamWhip 453 - Ingredient solution for flexible and safe UHT vegetable whipping cream (UHTWhip-ALL-E-MPF)-1.jpgEmulsifier/stabilizer solution for protein-free UHT whipping cream

Protein is an important functional ingredient in emulsion formation and structure building during production of UHT vegetable whipping cream. However, sometimes a protein free product is requested either for nutritional or for technological reasons. In that case the type of emulsifier and stabilizersused has to be modified and other ingredients added to obtain the same overrun and stability in the liquid cream as well as in the whipped product. Palsgaard® CreamWhip 453 is specially developed for the production of protein-free UHT vegetable whipping cream. Even without the well-known functionalities of milk protein,Palsgaard® CreamWhip 453 provides manufacturers of protein-free UHT vegetable whipping cream with the same excellent functional properties as seen in our solutions for conventional UHT vegetable whipping cream.