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We improve and re-invent emulsifiers

Need help to adjust your recipes for better performance, process stability or cost savings? Application services and R&D work closely together to help you out.

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CO2 neutral by 2020

We are responsible and we care about the environment for present and future generations.
We have set ourselves an ambitious goal of becoming CO2 neutral by 2020 and are very
committed members of SEDEX and RSPO

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Raising the CSR bar for the food industry once again

We've recently released our 2014 CSR report, outlining our approach to CSR and detailing the many initiatives we undertake to stay on the forefront of CSR. The 2014 report complies with the G4 guideline under the GRI framework and it explains our latest steps and achievements to address our impact on the environment, our people and society at large. We think it makes for impressive reading.

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A proud tradition for entrepreneurship
achievement and cooperation

Einar Viggo Schou, a Danish entrepreneur founded the Palsgaard company.
In 1908 he found a home for his family and for his future industrial adventure at the beautiful Palsgaard Estate. Here he invented and patented the world’s first commercial emulsifier. Palsgaard A/S was given its name after the estate and today, the headquarters are still situated in conjunction with the old main buildings

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Meet us at Food Ingredients Europe

Emulsifiers, stabilizers and know-how put to work at FI Europe

Visit the special FI Europe section on our website to find out about all the new products, applications and insights we will be presenting at the upcoming show. Here you can also follow the challenges our animated ice cream character, Fredo, meets and overcomes as he battles the Heat Shock Effect on his journey from the factory to the consumer’s table.

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